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Rising out of urban centres of Canberra-Australia in 2017, FunkyTrop has been evolving into a mix of Latin grooves and Afro-American funk, and a unique energy and highly eclectic show. Releasing their debut EP album in 2018, the exciting (6) piece latin band showcased influences of funk and the diversity of Latin rhythms and instrumentation constantly creating an environment of experimentation.
The band's instrumentation includes Drums, Congas and minor percussion. The melody is supported by Piano, Bass, and Electric Guitar. The main vocal is covered by stellar and eclectic Adanna.
Performing through important stages and festivals in town, FunkyTrop is always presenting a highly danceable show bringing the cultural roots of Latin-Funk to the ears of their crowds.
In 2020, and after a constant search for a female vocalist, the band incorporates their new stelar singer that has been chosen to take FunkyTrop to the next level. Adanna Obinna born in Nigeria and raised by the world. Chasing beauty in everything, she finds music as a connection to melodies and harmonies and finds comfort in exploring her range and performing art, her influences by the Nigerian background and European/ Oceanic upbringing.

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